Industrial Cooling Systems

Industrial type cooling systems are manufactured in a way that will provide for all kinds of cooling needs with full capacity range by the COOLPACK brand. Split Cooling Systems, Monoblock Cooling Systems, Central Cooling Systems, Shocking Units are produced in different types. Scroll, hermetic, semi-hermetic, screw compressor options are available.

The devices are tested in the factory and ready for assembly. It can be installed very fast and easily and if required ıt can be relocated easily.

It can be controlled remotely with electronic control panel and can be adjusted according to usage requirements.

In case of inspection or maintenance, it is possible to easily reach the elements of the device by easily removing the front panel. Axial fans are highly efficient and quiet. The electrostatic painted galvanized sheet is self-transportable and is crated with external durability.

If required the condenser unit can be manufactured with air or water cooling. There is an automatic defrost that the time and frequency can be programmed. Optionally, all models can be arranged to work in a tropical environment. Units are made in special colors as customers requests.

  • Cool Storage +2°C / +10°C
  • Cold Storage -5°C / +5°C
  • Freezer -15°C / -25°C
  • Quick Freezing -35°C / -40°C