About Us

Erdemler Soğutma Inc. was established in the Ostim district, it is one of the distinguished companies of the market with its quality products by targeting the firsts in the cooling sector in 2000.

Today, we are producing products that are increasingly improving the quality and the technology to the leading companies in the field both in domestic and abroad projects in the Kahramankazan district of Ankara, about 15,000 m2 of area with its 7000 m2 closed area and 8000 m2 open area production facility,more than 15 years.

Erdemler Soğutma Inc.'s largest target is being an excellence in quality, and giving unlimited satisfaction to the customers.

In our production facility, we are carrying out Cold Storage Panel Manufacturing, Cold Storage Door Manufacturing, and Monoblock Production of Refrigeration Units, Production of Split Type Cooling Units, Industrial-Type Cooling Manufacture of Groups, Production of Shocking Units and also contracting projects is also made by our company starting from the projecting phase.

We also provide services like; installation and maintenance services for the products are manufactured by our company.

Our Quality Policy

In Erdemler Soğutma Inc.'s manufacturing and next movements priorities the customer’s needs, demands and satisfactions. Since the establishment of our company, in the principle of perfection for being quality and in the principle for providing unlimited customer satisfaction, we took a place which is one of the indispensable parts of the refrigeration sector, with our ongoing improvement works.

Our aim is always to keep the quality of the products by understanding the customer's requests and to offer new alternatives to the product range in the sector constantly.

Our History

2017 - The office in our factory came into the service.

2014 - The 2nd Factory started production.

2013 - Construction of the second factory started on 3500 m2 closed area.

2012 - Branch opening in Istanbul.

2009 - Purchasing of lan for new building.

2007- Expansion of factory's closed area.

2005 - GMS Cooling Company Establishment. The production factory started to manufacture in fabric which is located on Kazan, about 1000 m2 field.

2000 - Company establishment.

Our Certificates