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Central cooling systems are designed units to use for the removing of thermal loads which are pointed at more than one cooling point. The system will have the appropriate capacity depending on the desired power designed in the same or different capacities of compressors. Electric power supply and control panel are on the unit, and all connections are made in the factory. Scrolling, hermetic, semi-hermetic varieties of central system are available. Semi-hermetic or screw compressors are used in the central system for the center of industrial plants with high cooling capacity. Hermetic and scroll compressors are used to lower capacity the projects.

  • Leakage tests of outdoor unit are performed by pressing nitrogen.
  • Electrical panel and all automatic control elements are shipped as ready for assembly.
  • It is manufactured in accordance with European Union norms and CE certificate. It is manufactured in accordance with hot gas or electric defrosting device.
  • Electrostatic paint is applied on a galvanized sheet according to device size from 2 mm thickness to 4 mm thickness.
  • Easy installation and maintenance opportunity.
  • European equipment.
  • Silent fan option.

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