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Our commercial series cold room shelves are standard size and also we have plastic, painted, stainless steel and chrome plated products.

In the industrial cold storage, different solutions are given in line with your project needs.

The Painted shelves of cold room

The dye applied to the material electrostatically and baked at 130 degrees. It offers various color options, suitable for decorative home, office and dry warehouses.

Chromium-Nickel Plated shelves of cold room

The chrome plating has a very bright appearance thanks to being formed by electrochemical coating of nickel-chromium.The chromium which is hard and durable is a cheap and aesthetic material. It is suitable for dry warehouses, decoration, showroom and sales points.

The Stainless Steel shelves of cold room

It's the perfect quality. It made entirely of 304 quality stainless steel and it has high resistance against to scratching and oxidation and electropolished for a hard surface. They are ideal for the cold rooms, wet and humid environments.

The Plastic shelves of cold room​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​The plastic shelves of the cold room are used for the purpose of making more regular and accessible the products to be placed in cold air stores. Because of they are plastic, you can clean them easily. There are no such problems as corrosion or rust.The installation of it is very easy.

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