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The shocking devices are compatible with the projects which should be kept in the warehouse required to be transformed into a frozen enclosure as soon as possible. The screwed and double stage compressors are used in the shocking devices. Its evaporator is also special type. In order to make it into a frozen enclosure without blowing directly, there are directors on the product.

  • Leakage tests of outdoor unit are performed by pressing nitrogen.
  • Electrical panel and all automatic control elements are shipped as ready for assembly.
  • It is manufactured in accordance with European Union norms and CE certificate. It is manufactured in accordance with hot gas or electric defrosting device.
  • Electrostatic paint is applied on a galvanized sheet according to device size from 2 mm thickness to 4 mm thickness.
  • Easy installation and maintenance opportunity.
  • European equipment.
  • Cooling capacities -35/-40.

Frozen Storage Devices
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